Arbor Day 2011 - The Countdown Has Begun

I know the school year has only just begun but it’s never to early to start planning for Arbor Day 2011!  This year, the green holiday will take place on April 29, 2011 only a mere 6 1/2 months away. 

What can you do to celebrate the holiday?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Join a “Green Community” in college.  If your campus doesn’t already have one, create one!  You can work together on tree-planting projects to earn service hours and make a sustainable difference on your campus or in the community.
  2. Work with an elementary school in the area to teach young children about the benefits of trees and then lead them in outdoor tree-planting activities.
  3. Encourage your local college campus to apply for Tree Campus USA distinction.  You can trust recognized Tree Campus USA colleges to plant and care for their campus trees in the best way possible and help get students involved in environmental stewardship. That means more trees for future generations!

Keep up your great efforts and check back here for more ideas on how to celebrate Arbor Day 2011.

Plant on.

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